Womens 6 Six Panel Hat with Visor - Blue Green Ballcap - Herringbone Wool Hat with Visor - English Riding Style

$ 87.95

Womens Six Panel Hat - Blue Green Ballcap - Wool Hat with Visor - English Riding Style - Outdoor Fall Fashion

Sportingly good show.
The six-panel hat is made from a lovely, if out-of-date, herringbone tweed suit jacket in green wool. No, blue. No, I cannot decide. Let's say blue green teal. 

The hat band is made from turquoise blue/green felted wool as is the underside of the visor. To withstand the itchiness of wool, the inside is lined with cool aqua silk and one panel of loose woven linen from a jacket that was embroidered with flowers, but only the blue flower was used.

Hidden in plain sight is a leather watch band. It's sewn to the band above the visor and has a 1" hash-tag-marked resin button and a black disk masquerading as a watch face. So if people ask you for the time, you'll know why.

Womens medium 21-1/2" or Mens small; fits snug if pulled down. About 5-6" crown.

Made from a herringbone tweed wool jacket in blue-green with cream; dark teal felted wool fabric, leather watch band, aqua silk fabric, sand colored linen


Look inside! 
Every listing of a Cherry Pat Hat includes a photo of the inside of the hat, because it's important to see how well a hat is finished. Besides, often there is a surprising detail or design element to keep under your hat.

Each hat is carefully packed in pale pink tissue paper, then inside a plastic sleeve tied with ribbon, then inside a sturdy box surrounded with additional clear packing tape to keep moisture and travel grit from entering the box. 

Gift wrap available.

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