Cool White Biker Hat | Lumberjack Earflaps Style Motorcycle Hat for Commuting | Biking Scooter Helmet | Reversible

$ 78.50

Stay cool at biker rallies like the Route 66 Fun Run, where temperatures can range well above 100 degrees F, while protecting your hair and skin from sun and wind.

The outer shell is made from cool white cotton, tightly-woven yet breathable. Treated with spray-on NeverWet to make it more water resistant and resist grime.

The cool lining is light-weight, rip-stop fabric with graphic design of black and gray striations topped with purple drops. 

Ear flaps are held in place with a spot of white Velcro. No buttons to interfere with wearing a motorcycle helmet. Small dots of Velcro hold up the 2-1/2" flip up visor. 

The lumberjack style also shields neck and chin. The chin flaps are 6-1/2" long with Velcro tabs to overlap and adjust snugly under your chin. Likewise, they will hold up the chin flaps on top of your head out of the way.

Measure around the head just above your ears and across the forehead to the last 1/8" or 0.1 cm with a tape measure or ribbon that doesn't stretch (no string). Select the closest size range and include the actual measurement with your order. Also include measurement from mid forehead to nape of neck. Allow 1-2 weeks to sew your hat before shipping out. Shipment tracking included.

Womens sizes
Xsmall 18" to 20" (45.7 - 50.8 cm)
Small 20" to 21" (50.8 - 53.3 cm)
Medium 21" to 22" (53.3 - 55.9 cm)
Large 23" to 24" (58.4 - 61 cm)
XL 24" to 25" (61 - 63.5 cm)
XXL 25" to 26" (63.5 - 66 cm)

Each hat is carefully packed in tissue paper, then inside a plastic sleeve tied with ribbon, then inside a sturdy box surrounded with additional clear packing tape to keep moisture and travel grit from entering the box.

Hats do not protect against collision but do save hair and skin from sun and wind damage. Props not included (sunglasses, sparkly eyelashes, black and white neck scarf).

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