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Engineered to Fit
Born in Alberta, Canada, grew up in Kingman, Arizona, studied electrical engineering in Florida (girls want to be NASA astronauts, right?), worked and raised a family in Maine. Along the way, I sewed my own clothes. As the only one who could sew in my engineering class, I discovered the awesomeness of Bernina sewing machines while constructing a 'portable surfboard transportation device' from vinyl and luggage straps (we placed 2nd). 


My southern dresses and slacks were no match for Maine weather, so I made lined wool suits, coats and a down vest that first winter. I sewed until, sadly, the great fabric stores closed and the fabric itself became more expensive than a finished garment.
Nevertheless, my trusty Bernina tackled insulated drapes, comforters and costumes but balked at the new stretchy fabrics. At last my Babylock serger arrived along with new construction concepts.


One day, I decided to repurpose a mink head band into a brim for a wool hat. Fine wool fabric is very difficult to find in today's fabric stores, so I was stumped. But when I visited a Goodwill store, my hand drifted across a man's suit. My fingers instantly felt its quality that way only fingers can. That launched an idea.
After making about 50 hats and begging my friends to make me stop, they suggested I sell them. Meeting store owners, one asked if I could sew a feather hat for her friend who would soon undergo chemo. I have never made a feather anything, but so compelling was her story that I blurted out, "Of course! I'm an engineer. I can figure it out!."


That's my standard operating procedure.


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